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Wok n Roll is available for private and corporate catering. Call us at (440) 847-9651 or fill out the form on the left for a quote! We're happy to pull up to your location and serve. We offer our regular menu or a custom menu. Some items not on our current menu available for catering:

  • Meatball and/or Rare Beef Pho
  • Asian Hot Dogs or Vegan Dogs
    • Chinese Dog
      • Peanut Hoisin, Cucumbers, Green Onions, Ramen Candy
    • Vietnamese Dog
      • Sriracha Mayo, Pickled Carrots, Cucumbers, Fried Shallots, Cilantro
    • Thai Dog
      • Curry Sauce, Pineapple Chutney, Cilantro
    • Korean Dog
      • Korean Red Sauce, Kimchi Slaw, Black Sesame Seeds
  • Green Bean Fries with Okonomi Sauce
  • Japchae
    • Korean Dish Made from Sweet Potato Noodles


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Matt and Tricia

Hello! I'm Tricia and I co-own Wok n Roll Food Truck with my husband Matt.

We've been cooking together for a long time. I met Matt at my first job out of high school. I was a vegetarian working at KFC. We used to make mashed potatoes together and he would purposely drop big globs of them onto my shoes because he thought I was cute. That was way back in 1999. We've been together since. 

When my dad got sick with Parkinson's and Matt moved in with us, he took over cooking for the family. We all loved his food as much as he loved making it. Before my father passed away he told Matt, if he had the money he would open a restaurant for him. Since then we have dreamed of starting our own food business.

In 2013 I battled and conquered thyroid cancer. After that we knew we couldn't put our dream on hold any longer. We started our blog CLE Foodies to learn about and showcase the talented Cleveland food industry.  A year later we had a truck!

Over the last few years Matt has focused on Asian food. He's researched, studied and experimented with Vietnamese and Korean dishes extensively. It's our favorite food and it seemed like a perfect fit to start our first business. Wok n Roll Food Truck was born! Our mission is to show people there is Asian food outside of the red and white Chinese takeout menus. If you're brave enough to try something new you might just find a new favorite cuisine.

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